Campus Life

Campus Life

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NUU Facilities and Services

Campus Map

For the locations of buildings and facilities, please see the Campus Maps of Erping Shan Campus, Bajia Campus, and Tongsiao Educational Park of Energy, Resource, and Ecology and Maps of the Local Area.

Facilities and services

Computer and Internet

Students of NUU have an e-mail account in the form of “student ID” As all important school announcements and academic information will be sent to this account, please make sure you have access to this account and check your mail box regularly for your own benefit. Your account is your student ID number, such as V0111016, starting with a uppercase letter. Your password is preset as your "birth date in YYYYMMDD" excluding the first digit, such as birth date “19990101” and your password will be “9990101”. Please activate your account and modify the password. This is also the account which you will use to authenticate several online services at NUU.

NUU Campus Wireless Service

Faculties, staff and students of NUU can access the NUU campus wireless network. To gain access to the “nuu” network, log in with your NUU e-mail account and password. You will need to log in each time you would like to connect through this network.


The Kwoh Ting Library is the main library located on Bajia Campus while the branch library is located on Er-Ping Shan Campus. Some departments have their own collections. The magazines, periodicals and collections are available from the third to the sixth floor. The audio and video collection is in the multimedia center on the second floor. Each floor has an opened study area. Study rooms for (individual and groups) and meeting rooms are available for a more quiet and private study/meeting environment. The Kwoh Ting Library is a ‘Museum in Library’, where unique exhibition gallery or artifact collections can be admired within close proximity such as NUU History Museum (3F), Museum of Acoustics (3F), and Lee Mao-Chung Art Gallery (5F).


NUU provides a variety of sports facilities, including a track and field, as well as courts and sports grounds for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, handball, table tennis, etc. NUU students can borrow basketballs, volleyballs, badminton racquets and birdies, and other sports equipment by temporarily turning in their student ID card to the Office of Physical Education.

The Physical Fitness Center at Bajia Campus and Er-Ping Shan Campus also provides a large number of high-end indoor sports facilities. NUU also has  dance rooms and on-campus swimming pool, providing ample choices for students to exercise and work-out.

Grades Inquiries and Transcript

A few weeks after final exam, you can search for your grades at Grades Inquiries in NUU student system with your e-mail account. If your instructor hasn't submitted grades yet, you won't be able to look up your grade for the class. Students who have completed and submitted the online student questionnaire will have privilege of looking up their grades earlier than those who do not submit. However, all grades should be available before the end of winter or summer vacation.
If you need a hard copy of your transcript, you have to first make an application in NUU student system then go to the Cashier Division to pay for the application fee, then go to the Registration Division of Academic Affairs to pick up the document. Alternative, a 1-stop self service machine is available at 2F , General Education Building (G2) next to the Center of Teaching Excellence. 
NUU will also send your official transcript to your home address. 

Taking a Leave

Download the respective forms. Please fill in the form, get the approval from officers as stated in the form and turn-in the approved form to Section of Life Guidance.
To apply for Official Business Leave, please fill in "NUU Proof Letter for Leave of Official Business". To apply for NON-Official Business Leave, please fill in "NUU Leave of Absence Application From". (forms available for download at the end of this page)


In the event of an emergency, students are advised to seek help through the following steps 
In case of a medical emergency, dial 119; in the event of a fire, dial 110. You are advised to call the 24-hour language assistance hotline ( 0800-024-111 ) if you have difficulty communicating with 119 or 110. After calling 119 or 110, please inform Student Affairs. They will respond to you about your problem. 
Campus Emergency ( Campus Security 24HR ) 037-381119
Lost and Found items
Erping Campus : Campus Security Report Center (2F,  Administration Building) ; Bajia Campus : Military Education Office (2F, Buildong G2)
Nan-Miao Police Station

Lost of Personal Cards and Reissue

NUU Student ID Card

If you have lost your student ID card, please report and apply a new ID card from NUU student system with your e-mail account, pay the fee in Cashier Section and receive the new one from Registration Section after the workdays.

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) 

If you lost your ARC, please go to the National Immigration Agency Miaoli Office with your passport, student ID card, a photo 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size, NTD 500 cash, and a declaration of Loss of ARC form or a crime report from the police station.
For more detailed information, please refer to the National Immigration Agency's webpage about obtaining a new ARC card.
* At the beginning of each academic year, freshmen will be arranged to apply ARC all together with sophomores (annual renewal of ARC).
National Immigration Agency- Miaoli Office
Tel: 037-322350  ,  037-327941  , 037-323655
Working Hrs: Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00 ( No lunch break)

ATM Card

Please immediately go to the bank or post office to cancel your card, and apply for reissuance of ATM card or termination of your account.

Health Insurance Card

Please go to post office or National Health Insurance Administration regional divisions with your ARC and NTD 200 to apply for a new card.

Student Activities and Organizations

NUU Oversea Chinese and International Students Facebook Group

To exchange information more conveniently, we created a Facebook group “NUU Oversea Chinese and International Students Club” as platform for effective mutual exchange of news. In this page there will be posts about activities held by students and NUU. All international students including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students are welcomed to join our Facebook Group. Please send a message to the manager so that we can approve your request.

Student Organizations

Over 40 student clubs are in operation at NUU, comprising self-governing, academy, serving, group activities, art and sports. If you are interested in joining any club, please visit their boot during Club Fair held at the beginning of each academic year.
Please visit Extracurricular Activities Section for more information.

Taiwan Host Family Program

This program aims to help International students experience the aspects of local society outside the campus. The period of staying at the host family depends on the type you apply for.
For more information, please visit Taiwan Host Family Program.

Banking Information

The Post Office

The post office provides both postal and banking services, including shipping and receiving, deposit and withdrawal, etc . To open a financial account in the post office, you should bring the original and a copy of both your passport and ARC, and at least NT$ 100 as deposit. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card for money withdrawal from any ATM machines. ATM machines can be found on the street and inside many convenience stores.
Post Office Nan-Miao Branch
Working Hours: 08:00-17:00 (No lunch break)
Tel: (postal) 037-326064   (banking) 037-326064

Bank Accounts

Please bring both your passport and ARC (original and photocopy) and at least NT$ 100 deposit to the bank. You can find many banks located along Zhongzheng Road. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card for money withdrawal from any ATM machines. ATM machines can be found on the street and inside many convenience stores.

On-Campus ATM Machines

Erping-Shan Campus:
1) 1st F, Administration Office – Chang Hwa Bank
2) 1st F, Department of Architecture Building – Post Office
Bajia Campus:
1st F, Department of Energy and Engineering Building – Chang Hwa Bank

Cash Withdrawal using Foreign ATM Card

If you hold a foreign saving account ATM card that is linked to PLUS or Cirrus network, you may withdraw money from ATM machines at Taiwan that is linked to the network. Please look for PLUS sign or Cirrus sign before you intend to withdraw money using foreign ATM card.
Note: Please inquire your home bank for oversea transaction rules and regulation. Application may be needed by your home bank for this service. 
* Students are strongly adviced to open a bank account at Taiwan for in order for you to receive refunds, salary payments, and scholarships from NUU and other institutions.

Banking Information

Notice for the Under Age For people who have limited capacity (under 20 in Taiwan) to make juridical acts must be submit a letter of consent notarized by Taiwan's embassies (or representative offices) from their statutory agents or their guardians according to Civil Code. Students under 20 have the capacity to make juridical acts in their countries, must submit the relevant documents notarized by Taiwan's embassies (or representative offices) for approval.
Sample of “Letter of Consent” (available for download at the end of this page)

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange into New Taiwan Dollars can be made at head office of Taiwan Bank. Please bring your passport and ARC card in order to exchange foreign currencies.
Taiwan Bank- Miaoli head office
Working Hours: 09:00- 15:30
Tel: 037-326791
Please proceed to 2F for Foreign Exchange matters

Transportation Information

From Taoyuan Airport (TIA) to NUU Erping-Shan Campus

By Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) 

TIA -> (bus) -> Taipei Main Station. -> (HSR) -> HSR Hsinchu St. -> (shuttle bus) -> Hsinchu Train St. -> (train) -> Miaoli Train St. -> (bus) -> NUU 
Estimated travelling time and fare : 155 min ; NT$ 550
[Note: HSR Miaoli St. at Houlong is still under construction and projected to open in December 2015]
For more information, please visit Taiwan High Speed Rail.

By Train

TIA -> (bus) -> Taipei Main St. -> (train) -> Miaoli Train St. -> (bus) -> NUU
Estimated travelling time and fare : 180 min ; NT$ 410
For more information, please visit Taiwan Railways Administration.

By Taxi 

TIA -> (taxi) -> NUU
Estimated travelling time and fare : 90 min ; NT$ 1500-2000

From Miaoli Train St. to NUU

By bus: Route 5664 (fare : NT$ 26)
By taxi: fare NT$ 150 - 170
By shuttle bus : Free NUU shuttle bus service between Miaoli St. and NUU on weekends.

Between Erping Shan Campus and Bajia Campus

NUU provides safe, convenient, and free shuttle service between campus. You can download the NUU shuttle bus service schedule here.
Fore more information. please contact Section of Construction and Maintenance, General Affairs
Mr. Wen-Shan Li
Tel : 037-381321



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