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College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Electrical engineering and computer science technology cover everything from semiconductor materials, components, and integrated circuits to system chips, applying microelectronics technology, nanotechnology, and communication and signal processing technology. The integration of multimedia information and optoelectronic display technology has further diversified the application of electronic products. The ubiquity of smart phones and tablets in recent years has greatly changed people’s living patterns; in addition to the Internet and communications technology, cloud and big data applications have accelerated the arrival of Industry 4.0. NUU’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has four departments: the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Electro-Optical Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. These departments provide venues for learning the aforementioned technologies and knowledge, and their research labs are centers of development for prospective electrical technology and cradles for cultivating high-level researchers and developers. 


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