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Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology

Overview Mission

The center is responsible for supporting instruction and research, providing services in both campus-area network & technical consultation, supplying computer-related hardware & software facilities, constructing the campus administrative information system, and promoting IT-related education as well training.

Organization and responsibilities

The center is headed by a director at the rank of associate professor or equivalent, who is appointed by the President, to take charge of all the Center’s administrative affairs. In addition to regular duties, the director is required to implement resolutions passed by the Computer Management Committee. The Center is currently organized into three division: Network service Division, Teaching Support Division, and Campus Information Division. Each division is lead by a head who is assisted by technicians and administrative staff.


Besides enhancing information service quality, improving campus informatics and completing the computerization of school administration, the Center attempts to expand the service offerings to other educational partners at all levels of the community, in the hope of becoming the regional hub of information resources and technology in the Media area.