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College of Engineering and Science

College of Engineering and Science
The College of Engineering and Science (CES) consists of six departments: one PhD program and five research centers. They are as follows: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering, Department of Energy Engineering, and Department of Safety Health Environmental Engineering. Our PhD program was established in 2008 as a joint effort of the departments of materials science and engineering and chemical engineering, and was extended to more fields of engineering in 2014. To advance industry, academia and government cooperation, the CES offers the following research centers: Hazard Mitigation and Reduction Research Center, Glass and Fiber-optic Materials Research Center, Energy Research Center, Environmental Education and Sustainable Development Center, and Engineering Testing Center.
The departments in the CES will not only familiarize students with engineering technology, but will also emphasize research. In our classes, departments establish strong foundations so that students will progress to more advanced courses with ease. Furthermore, departments will expose students to a wide range of practical laboratory work. In order to give students an edge, research within the CES focuses on innovation and technology development. This allows students to approach engineering problems and inventions with unique perspectives.
The CES will equip students with experienced faculty and provide them access to our vast infrastructure of facilities. In order to promote CES graduate's competitive chances in todays' ever changing job market, the CES encourages students to apply for the internship and co-op programs that are offered by the departments. By doing one of these internship programs, students will gain crucial job experience earlier, be able to explore his or her interested career path, and pave the path for future employment opportunities. The internship program will also foster a sense of community between the college, industry, and the involved students.
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