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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
An overall view of Taiwan’s industries shows they are mainly manufacturing-oriented. Talents with a background in materials are needed in all industries, from traditional ceramics and steel to mid- and high-level electronics, information, and semiconductors and even currently trending biomedical and nanotech industries. This department emphasizes the integration of theory and practice, regularly holding visits, internships, keynote speeches, and academic seminars. These events can bring together members of the materials industry, expand engineering materials, and strengthen industry–academic partnerships.
Under education policies compliant with international engineering education accreditations, the curriculum, using materials engineering as a foundation, develops technologies primarily based on hi-tech materials and trains talents with expertise and background in materials. Students have a smooth channel for advancing academically and finding employment. In addition to continuing their academic career in domestic and overseas materials engineering research institutes, they can choose to work in companies and enterprises related to materials engineering—the scope covers metal, ceramics, glass, semiconductors, optoelectricity, and polymers—to become irreplaceable specialists in other fields.


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