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Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering


Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering
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  • Introduction
    The department owns special attention in Taiwan for its integration of safety, health and environment studies in one institution. The living quality improvement and nature resource preservation are the essence of the Safety, Health and environmental engineering professions. To accomplish this essence, the department members put their efforts for many years on raising the quality of teaching and research, and the result productions are dramatic. Consequently, the department earns the supreme honor of the annual evaluation from Taiwan s Ministry of Education in every year.
  • Educational goal
    The goal of the department program prepares students to be honest,respective,diligent, and creative The program also equips students to enter professional practice with the fundamental knowledge and the application of the knowledge. The department focuses not only on the scientific research and industrial cooperation, but also on the consultation services for its community to raise the qualities of the strategy management and technical comprehensive promotion in industrial safety, health and environment areas. In addition, the department provides a solid foundation of scientific principles for further graduate study.


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