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Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 2003, the same time as National United University. Its graduate programs leading Master degree were initiated in 2004. The development of the department is to meet the science and technology policy of the country and provides well-trained electrical engineers for industry. The department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Courses were offered in the fields of power systems, power electronics, automatic control, signal and system integration, microwave circuit, semiconductor deviceand biomedical engineering. Faculty members are very active in research. Major area is in the following categories:
Energy conversion technology with emphasis on: power electronics, motor drives and application of intelligentcontrol.
Signal and System integration technology with emphasis on: medical imaging, biomedical system engineering,IC design, system monitoring, DSP and micro-processor application.
High-precision controller design with emphasis on: application of advanced control theory and implementationof controller with DSP or FPGA, computer vision and machine learning, and robotics.
Power system operation and power quality control with emphasis on: power system analysis and control,and application of high-capacity power electronics to power control.
Applied Physics with emphasis on: semiconductor process and devices, microwave circuit and components,electronic materials


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