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Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering
Each year, Department of Electronic Engineering (DEE) offers one class in Master’s degree graduate program, two classes in undergraduate program, two classes in 4-year technical and vocational education program, and one class in evening undergraduate program. In order to meet the need for the key national development in science and technology and knowledge-based economy, especially in the electronics industry, the mission of the DEE is to ensure that the students get a rigorous curriculum of theory, have the abilities to use techniques, skills, and tools necessary for engineering practices, learn fundamental knowledge in humanities, understand professional engineering ethics and social responsibility, can establish an innovative concept and capability, and possess the understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in global contexts. In this department, students may choose to further specialize their course of study or research by selecting one of the following options within the DEE curriculum: microelectronics, communications, and computer science, which are closely associated with the research areas of the faculty members. Research center and the united research labs were also established in order to integrate different areas of academic fields. Microelectronics area includes solid-state devices, circuit design, etc. Communications area includes high-frequency circuit design, digital signal processing, etc. Computer science area includes computer system, microcontroller design and applications, etc.
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