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College of Management


College of Management
The College of Management was established in 2003. Currently, the college includes an Executive Master Program of Business Administration (EMBA), a Department of Business Management, a Department of Information Management, and a Department of Finance. The education mission of this college is to provide a comprehensive and healthy learning environment for training professional skills that solve problems and cultivating professionals who are dedicated to their professions, continue to innovate and improve, have strong senses of social responsibility, and are skilled in leadership and management. The college also looks forward to encouraging students with entrepreneurial spirits.
With smart management and service innovation as its pillars of development, this college hopes to develop innovative applications of smart management through the integration of expertise and knowledge on information technology, AI, big data, financial information, and business management. This college actively partners with industry chains and has established an in-service program for management graduate degrees, providing business managers and elite members of any industry with a channel of self-improvement to cultivate mid- and high-level managers with broad perspectives and cross-domain thinking. 


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