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Department of Business Management

Department of Business Management
The department of Industrial Management had founded in 1977, as the first management department in National United Vocational School. Our school reformed to a national university and changed in name of our department into Business Management in 2003. As the school reformed, our goal had been modified to cultivate the experts in industries through higher and vocational education. Our department has 19 full-time teachers and more than 800 students enrolled in the programs.
Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management, Production and Operations Management, and Marketing and Customer Service (based on the Industry Value Chain) would be included in our core courses. Students in our department can also choose to learn human resource management, financial management and information management. The curriculum not only includes theoretical courses, providing students with the requisite foundation to pursue their academic career in advanced study at the postgraduate level. Our training in analytical thinking, strategy and managerial perspectives will also be beneficial for students in making advancements in their long-term career planning. According to the comprehensive learning, our graduated students are suitable for multivariate managerial jobs and pursuing advanced study. Jobs in managerial positions involving innovation, production or operations, and positions in sales or marketing will be open to our students after graduation.


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