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Department of Information Management


Department of Information Management
In consideration of national development, social and enterprise needs, and localization needs, the Department of Information Management positions itself as “an educational and research unit that emphasizes caring, professionalism, and innovation.” The department’s creed is “teaching information management to cultivate information mangers with diverse developmental and innovative skills that meet social needs.” The department aims to achieve the education goal of “holistic education, professional development, and innovative added-value” through education and the integrated application of information technology and commercial management knowledge, and also through the promotion of social-care activities, such as rural and remote learning and information volunteers, to conduct social caring concepts. This department’s curricula were designed with an emphasis on cultivating professionals in digital intelligence, business decision-making, and service innovation, integrating information technology and management intelligence to meet the research and industry application needs for AI, big data, and e-commerce; thus, this department will become a talent pool for professionals in enterprise information management. This department offers two bachelor programs and one graduate program; students can complete their bachelor and graduate degrees in 5 years.


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