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College of Hakka Studies
The College of Hakka Studies was established in August, 2006 in collaboration with national policies and development. Its purpose is to development ethical academic research and cultivate talent in Hakka culture and research. The college is dedicated to passing on and broadcasting Hakka culture to promote Hakka ethnic development and the diverse cultural development of Taiwanese society.
The college is committed to cultivating high-level professionals in Hakka cultural development and values understanding and caring for Hakka ethnic development, comprehension and analytical skills for Hakka ethnic and cultural traits, analytical and value recreation skills in cultural industries, life-long self-development social leadership skills and literacy, and academic research and professional expressions.
This College also includes the Institute of Hakka Language and Communication, the Department of Cultural Tourism, and the Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Marketing; these three entities equally emphasize both theory and practice, and both science and humanities. 



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