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Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Marketing


Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Marketing
This department, the first in Taiwan to combine cultural and creative development and digital marketing, has three major directions of development: cultural and creative product design, digital marketing, and industrial management. Curriculum planning involves integrating many interdisciplinary fields, which include product design, exhibition affairs, 3D design and printing, digital marketing in apps, digital audiovisual production, innovation in traditional crafts, thematic production, and industry internships. Curricula in this department are paired with practical instruction to cultivate professionals with abilities in cultural appreciation, product design and development, industry management, digital marketing, and digital curation. This department uses redirected teaching to train professional abilities, discover individual potential, and instill sufficient workplace connectivity skills in students within 4 years. Career outlets for this department include the following: (1) Marketing, product, and website planning; (2) public employment in cultural or Hakka administration; (3) multimedia image or animation design; and (4) venue design or community curation.


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