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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of founding the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is primarily to cultivate elite talent with cultural awareness, social care, and international perspectives, to meet the needs of Taiwan’s social development.
To instill innovative thinking, professional knowledge, and the humanities in students and demonstrate learning efficacies through the integration of information technology, the curriculum values both theory and practice and emphasizes the interdisciplinary integration of the humanities and digital media. The purpose is to cultivate professional skills and competitive edges necessary for employment.
To strengthen this college’s connection with Miaoli County, where we are situated, the local cultural topics have been introduced into our curricula. The inclusion of these topics aims to cultivate respect for the languages and cultures of diverse ethnic groups and to teach students to conserve and propagate community cultures through creative communications and expressions and digital implementations. This college also establishes and promotes Taiwanese culture on parallel local and international tracks to fulfill our social responsibility.


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