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College of Design

Design of college
Currently, Design Industry is one of the emerging industries in Taiwan. Our university, in response to societal needs, founded the College of Design in February, 2014. At present, our college consists of three degree programs as follows: the Department of Architecture, the Department of Industrial Design, and the Bachelor's Degree Program for Aboriginal Cultural and Creative Industry for providing the students with an integral platform that can facilitate interdisciplinary design education featured by academia-industry cooperation. Our main educational goals are: (1) to help students to learn basic knowledge about diverse disciplines of design, (2) to develop the capabilities of planning and analysis, (3) to cultivate their attainments for enhancing enterprise value through design innovation, and (4) to provide trainings to foster practical capabilities that can connect to various industries. In a larger sense, we intend to assist students to acquire a human-centered thinking for sustainable development and global perspectives. For achieving a comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of all relevant disciplines, our college has been actively recruiting outstanding new faculties and strengthening the cooperation and exchange for scholars abroad in order to empower our competences in teaching, research, and service. With our foremost sincerity, we welcome young and ambitious students to join our college and the career of designers.
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