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Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture
National United University is the second department of architecture be established in Taiwan, it provides five years' course of undergraduate and two year master degree. It organizes the professional course which is composed with the architecture theory and design, sustainable architecture and environment and the architecture produce and safety, those courses support students the opportunity and freedom to learn and choose. Students will be taught to have the ability to pass the exam of the architect after graduated. Furthermore, the aim of the department is to foster the talents of sustainable town and city and the green eco-technology of creative architecture designer.
The department has six associate professors and four assistant professors who have plentiful academic experience. Moreover, the department also solicits more than forty teachers who have sufficiency practical experiences, and the teachers who have the nationality of American and Japan to increase the international vision of students. It also provides the sturdy foundation of theory, plentiful exercise course and attach to the IEET, to develop the students as an architect who has the society responsible and attitude.
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