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Department of Architecture
The National United University was founded in 1972 initially as a 2-year junior college, evolving into a 2-year technical college and then a 4-year institute of technology before finally gaining public university status in 2003.
The Department of Architecture (hereinafter “the Department”) offers a 5-year undergraduate program, graduates of which are awarded the Bachelor of Architecture. In 2007, the Department launched an undergraduate program (continuing education) in interior design, which awards qualifying graduates with the Bachelor of Interior Design. The Master of Architecture has also been offered since 2009.
The Department strives to cultivate well-rounded professionals in architecture. Undergraduates are required to complete a comprehensive 5-year program that is the product of multiple disciplines, from basic aesthetics to the construction of buildings and even urban and environmental design. Most of our more than 2,000 alumni are employed in architecture-related industries, playing a vital role in the economic development of Taiwan. The achievements and excellent reputations of our graduates have strongly contributed to the outstanding academic status of the Department.


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