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Office of Academic Affairs

Photo PH. Jyh-Jeng Wu
Ph. Jyh-Jeng Wu  
Position Titles
Dean of Academic Affairs
Tel / E-mail
037-381100/ jjwu@nuu.edu.tw
Ph.D. Department of Business Administration
Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Division of Academic Affairs
Curriculum Division
  • Planning the schedule
  • Planning the disciplines for the freshmen
  • Planning courses' schedule
  • Planning daily courses schedule
  • Arranging teaching classroom
  • Examining the students' courses selection
  • Midterm and final examinations
  • Dealing with students repeat or make up courses
  • Dealing with students' make-up examinations
  • Reckoning teaching hours
  • Teachers' and make-up courses
  • Teaching evaluation
  • Distance learning affairs
  • Outstanding teachers' selection
Registration Division
  • Enrolling new students affairs
  • Registration affairs
  • Adjusting tuition and incidental fees affairs
  • Managing students' schooling and report
    1. Processing students' schooling and report
    2. Issuing the certification of graduation
    3. Certification of graduation in Chinese and English
    4. School report card in Chinese
    5. School report card in English
    6. Certification of schooling
    7. Certification of enrolling
  • Processing applications for credit exemptions
  • Processing temporary suspension of schooling and discontinue students' schooling
  • Resuming students' interrupted studies and processing students' delayed learning
  • Processing applications for inter-department transfers
  • Reviewing the qualification of graduation
  • Issuing students' ID cards
  • Issuing and Cancelling students' diplomas
  • Editing and Revising students' handbook
  • Processing applications for taking two majors, minors, and programmed courses
  • Processing the examinations of degrees
Admission Division
  • Enrolling new students in two and four years technical college and two years junior college
  • Enrolling new undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Enrolling new foreign students
  • Processing applications for increasing or adjusting departments
  • Holding the meeting of academic affairs
  • Enrolling new students from other universities
  • Processing enrolling affairs from other organizations
Center for Instruction Development
  • Developing the teaching evaluation tools
  • Pushing the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  • Establishing the teacher evaluation rules
  • Holding the conference of promoting teaching quality
  • Applying the proposal of outstanding teaching
  • Managing the office of academic affairs' website
  • Publishing the Journal of United University
Director of Teaching Development Center
  • Research Interests
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Service Quality