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Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs
Tel / E-Mail
+886-37-381201 / jia@nuu.edu.tw

The Office of Student Affairs handles all student affairs for the university and comprises the Military Education Office, Life Guidance Section, Career Guidance and Counseling Section, Section of Extracurricular Activity Guidance, and the Health Service Section. The teaching units are responsible for cultivating the students’ academic knowledge and professional skills, and the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for nurturing students into well-rounded people. Student affairs refer to the various affairs relevant to students, such as their meals, housing, transportation, and education. The goal is to educate students to achieve physical and mental health, to possess abilities for autonomous learning and team work, and to handle matters ethically and morally to achieve self-actualization.

Section of Extracurricular Activity Guidance 
  • The Section of Extracurricular Activity Guidance is a vital link in the organizational structure of the Office of Student Affairs. This section, through counseling in extracurricular activities, encourages the extension of students’ activities and diverse learning outside their school work. Furthermore, the regular business of this section includes student waivers, school loans, student aid, emergency relief, scholarships, club activities, and club evaluations. This section provides assistance to students in integrating resources inside and outside school through cordial service and proactive approaches, and develops their potential in independent thinking through engagement in extracurricular activities in the hope that they can develop themselves in the future.
  • contact us at 886-37-381237 / lgs@nuu.edu.tw
Life Guidance Section
  • Goal: To nurture the virtue of responsibility and discipline within students, conduct life counseling tasks, and promote physical and mental health in students. Tasks:
    1. Undertaking activities for academic–industrial grant applications, new student orientation, character education, and legal education, as well as handling student rewards and disciplinary actions, off-campus housing security, and lost-and-found.
    2. Managing student dormitories. The dormitories are situated in both the Erping and Bajia campuses and provide a total of 2,700 beds for boarding students in a comfortable and safe environment. The student dormitories are self-managed and provide all-day Internet services and 24-hour service management; thus, students feel secure living there.
  • contact us at +886-37-381221 / sheemei@nuu.edu.tw
Military Education Office
  • The Military Education Office compromises a section chief and several military instructors, nurses, and campus security personnel. The section is responsible for planning and teaching the All-Out Defense Education and assists with ensuring campus security and with students’ life counseling. Responsibilities include the following:
    1. Teaching All-Out Defense Education and military training;
    2. Promoting All-Out Defense Education;
    3. Ensuring campus security;
    4. Reporting and co-handling campus security cases;
    5. Producing and publishing campus security communications;
    6. Recruiting for student military and national army volunteer teams;
    7. Promoting new-generation anti-drug policies and substance abuse prevention campaigns.
  • contact us at +886-37-381211 / cjm0226@nuu.edu.tw
Career Guidance and Counseling Section
  • Career Guidance and Counseling Section—This is a place that cares about the students’ happiness over 4 years, where students can access information about furthering their education or employment and seek counseling for psychological issues. This Section also provides support and assistance for special education students.
  • contact us at jolin@nuu.edu.tw

Health Service Section

  • The Health Service Section is responsible for handling emergencies and health consultations for faculty and students and hosting new student physicals, accident and injury prevention education, and blood donations. This section is also responsible for hygiene control in school cafeterias; handling student insurance applications and claims; implementing infectious disease control measures for seasonal epidemics; contracting hospitals of high medical quality in Miaoli County to provide faculty and students with discounted hospital fees; and providing body height, weight, blood pressure, body fat, and vision tests. Our vision is to transform NUU into a healthy venue beneficial to life, learning, and work.
  • contact us at +886-37-382821/ racheltang@nuu.edu.tw