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Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs
Tel / Mail
+886-37-381130 / danahsu@nuu.edu.tw
According to the organization of the Office of General Affairs, the office of the Dean of General Affairs is responsible for NUU-wide general affairs. Five teams are established under this office: The Construction and General Affairs Division, the Procurement and Property Management Division, the Documents and Files Section, the Cashier Division, and the Energy Management Section. The office of the Dean of General Affairs is responsible for the following:
  1. The overall management of the Office of General Affairs’ short-, mid-, and long-term development plans;
  2. The promotion, supervision, coordination, execution, and review of various projects;
  3. The planning and execution of the Office of General Affairs’ yearly budget;
  4. The new construction, procurement, and maintenance of software and hardware equipment across the whole university;
  5. The management of university spaces and buildings, as well as construction and repair projects;
  6. The management and execution of university cashier tasks;
  7. The management and inventory of all NUU’s assets;
  8. The drafting and revision of General Affairs charters and regulations;
  9. The overall handling of administrative support of all university departments and units; 
  10. The promotion of university-wide energy-conservation, environmental safety, and cleaning tasks

Cashiers Section 
  • The Cashier Section is under the jurisdiction of the Office of General Affairs, and in accordance with regulations is responsible for the whole university’s funds, such as the income, expenditures, deposits and withdrawals, and accounts management for cash, bills, marketable securities, and other items in custody. This section is also responsible for disbursing faculty salaries, tutor fees, hourly fees, scholarships, petty cash; deducting statutory withholding taxes; reviewing second-generation NHI supplementary premiums; and declaring all incomes. This section also handles payment data transfers, write-offs, settlements, and refunds for tuition and miscellaneous fees. As tasks in this section affect the management of university funds, the promotion and management of section personnel are handled with great prudence while still being compliant with enthusiasm, division of duties, mutual agency, and regular rotations, in order to provide the best service to the whole university.
  • contact us at 886-37-381341
Construction and Maintenance Section 


Energy Management Section
  • To conduct our mission of a sustainable and low-carbon-emission campus, the Office of General Affairs established the Energy Management Section in 2016, and the organizational change was approved by the Ministry of Education in the first semester of 2017, making NUU the only institute of higher education in Taiwan to have a special agency in charge of energy planning for the whole university. The section comprises a section chief and several technicians and members with electromechanical expertise. 
  • contact us at hrs@nuu.edu.tw
Documentation Division 
  • Sending and receiving official documents, managing files, expediting and monitoring official documents, processing mail, and imprinting seals.
  • Mail management: delivery and collection of official mail.
  • contact us yingchin@nuu.edu.tw

Procurement and Property Division

  • Responsible for procuring property and labor, managing property and faculty dormitories, temporary use and outsourcing management of venues, managing access systems and parking garages, and fire safety and disaster prevention.  
  • contact us at edinghbor@nuu.edu.tw