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Office of Research and Development

Office of Research and Development
Tel / Mail
+886-37-381400 / shally@nuu.edu.tw

Planning and promoting NUU’s academic research and development, international and cross-strait exchanges, university self-evaluation and accreditation, industrial–academic collaborations and promotional education, and startup incubations. The Office of Research and Development comprises the Research & Development Planning Section, the Project Management Section, the Division of International Affairs, the Industry–Academia Collaboration & Continuing Education Center, and the Incubation Center. These entities actively promote the expansion of NUU’s academic research to increase research capacity, as well as industry–academia partnerships and the internationalization of the campus.  

Research and Planning Division
  • Planning and managing departmental evaluations by the university, including the drafting of self-evaluation plans, on-site evaluations, teaching quality assurance and improvement evaluations, reviewing and confirming Ministry of Education evaluation plans and results, certifying IEET projects, implementing college and departmental feature projects, contracting research professors, revising this office’s regulations, and executing general tasks for this office.
  • contact us at csy0606@nuu.edu.tw
Project Management Division 
  • Managing NUU’s MOST and Lien-Ho Foundation grant projects, subsidizing instructors and students attending international academic conferences, applying for patents, setting up and changing NUU joint research laboratories, and setting up and evaluating research centers.  
  • contact us at shally@nuu.edu.tw
International Affairs Division 
  • Major tasks:
  1. International partnerships:Negotiating and signing contracts with overseas universities and academic institutes, signing contracts for joint degree programs and transnational degrees, establishing and promoting relationships with overseas and key sister schools, and implementing MOE study abroad programs.
  2. Overseas degree student (overseas compatriot students, Mainland Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macau students, and international students) affairs:
    Recruiting, counselling, and issuing scholarships. Handling work permit and insurance applications. Providing emergency assistance. Announcing and forwarding activity information.
  • contact us at oia@nuu.edu.tw
Center of Statistical analysis of all industry–academia collaboration
  • Statistical analysis of all industry–academia collaboration projects throughout NUU, center accounting and requisitions, write-offs, liaison for industry–academia collaborations, examinations for Ministry of Economic Affairs projects, patent/technology transfer promotion, and (MOEA, MOST) declarations. Promoting educational affairs and project progress. Offering courses for senior citizens and recruiting students. Offering courses for industry–academia partnerships. Other educational promotions. Liaison for educational promotions. Assisting with writing and executing projects. Recruiting students for short-term exchanges with China. Enrollment and orientation for short-term exchange students from China.
  • Organizing auditing classes for credit and not for credit.
  • contact us at sabin@nuu.edu.tw
Center of Innovation Incubation 
  • Miaoli County is blessed with a beautiful environment and retains many green and smokeless industries. When the government promotes the national strategy of Regional Revitalization, the industry is equipped with local, historical, agricultural, artisanal, and humanist tourism elements. NUU’s Incubator Center provides professional talent, equipment, space, and administrative resources to support the growth of startup companies and assist companies with innovating and improving themselves to enrich regional economic development.
  • NUU is the only national university in Miaoli, and its Incubation Center has long cooperated with government policies to support local startups and assist companies with innovations. With the goal of self-management, the center will continue to assist NUU instructors and students in innovation and entrepreneurships to increase their competitiveness.
  • contact us at sabin@nuu.edu.tw