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Office of Research and Development


Office of Research and Development
The Office of Research and Development (ORD for short), was founded on August 1st, 2003. Its predecessor was the Office of Technology and Collaboration. In order to promote international collaboration, the ORD established the Division of International Affairs in August of 2013. Later on, both Innovation and Incubator Center and Industry-Academia Collaboration & Continuing Education Center were incorporated into the ORD in August of 2018.
The goal of the ORD is to administer and facilitate academic research, international collaboration, institution evaluation, industry-academia collaboration, promotion of continuing education and to encourage innovation and incubation. As the ORD keeps developing and playing an active role in promoting research, international engagement and industry-academia collaboration, the scope of academic activities and business gets broader. Currently, it consists of two sections, including one division and two centers: Section of Research & Planning, Section of Project Management, Division of International Affairs, Industry-Academia Collaboration & Continuing Education Center, and Innovation & Incubator Center.