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Office of Physcial Education

Office of Physical Education
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Organization and Responsibilities

Director's Office
§Take charge of all general affairs related to physical education  
§Receive and dispatch documents
§Assign duties to part-time student workers

Teaching Section
§Map out PE-related teaching calendar
§Organize PE-related meetings and conferences
§Design schoolwide PE programs
§Draw up and modify regulations on PE curriculum

Activity Section
§Map out PE-related activity calendar
§Draw up and estimate the activities' budget
§Hold all kinds of sports events both on campus and off campus

Sports Facilities Section
§Map out the maintenance and repair calendar for the gym, sports halls and fields
§Draw up and estimate the facilities' budget
§Manage and maintain the sports ground and the gym
§Administrate and purchase equipment and facilities
§Maintain and manage the swimming pool as well as its safety and rescues