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Office of Institutional Research

Photo Professor Yung-Ping Chou
Professor Yung-Ping Chou
Position Titles
Director/Associate Professor
Tel / E-mail
ypchou@nuu.edu.tw / rchou17@gmail.com / +886-037-381047
Ph.D., Columbia University
M.S. & B.S., National Tsing Hua University
Patent Attorney

Photo Professor Huang, Ming-Huey A.
Professor Huang, Ming-Huey A.
Position Titles
Section Chief of Data Analysis
Associate Professor
Tel / E-mail
mahuang@nuu.edu.tw / +886-37-381047

Major works:
Huang specialized in data Analysis. Previously focuses are on large data set from astrophysical experiments and now working on data related to the educational performance and institutional research.

Educational background:
Ph.D , Department of Physics, University of Utah
B.S. Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University

Office of Institutional Research
Tel / E-Mail

The Office of Institutional Research was set up on August in 2018 to provide various units in NUU with data analysis for decision making. The office is also responsible for collecting and calculating KPI (key performance indices) achieved by the academic programs annually. The office consists of two sections – a section for data integration and another for data analysis.


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