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Vice President
Office of Academic Affairs Registry Division, Curriculum Division, Division of Information and Publication, General Affairs Division, Center for the Development of Teaching and Learning
Office of Student Affairs Student Guidance Division, Extracurricular Activities Division, Job Placement Service Division, Sanitary and Healthcare Division, Student Counseling Center, Military Training Office
Office of General Affairs Documents & Files Division, General Services Division, Cashier Division, Maintenance Division, Inventory Division, Purchasing Division, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Hygiene Center
Office of Research and Development Research and Development Planning Division, Project Affairs Division, Academy-Industry Cooperation Division, Center for Innovation and Incubation
Secretariat Office Alumni Liaison Section, Public Relations Section
Computer Center Network Service Division, Campus Information Division, Teaching Support Division, System Resources Division, Promotion and Research Division
Physical Education Office Teaching Division, Activity Division, Sport Facilities Division
Library Reader Service Division, Technical Service Division, System Information Division, Audio-visual Service Division, School Archives
School of Continuing and Extension Education Teaching Division, Student Affairs Division, General Affairs Division, Extension Education Center
Accounting Office  
Personnel Office  
College of Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program in Materials and Chemical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering (Master's Degree Program)
Department of Chemical Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Materials Science and Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Industrial Design
Department of Architecture(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Energy and Resources
Institute of Technology for Hazards Mitigation
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of Electrical Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
Department of Electronic Engineering (Master's Degree Program)
Department of Electro-optics Engineering (Master's Degree Program)
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
College of Management Master Program in Business Administration
Department of Business Management
Department of Finance
Department of Information Management
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Taiwan Languages and Communication
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
College of Hakka studies Hakka Institute of Economics and Social Studies
The Institute of Hakka Language and Communication
Hakka Institute of Information and Society
General Education Committee Center for General Education
Center for Basic Required Courses
Language Center
Center for the Arts
Committee  Faculty Evaluation Committee
Faculty Complaints Committee
Student Complaints Committee
University Fund Management Committee
Physical Education Committee
Committee on Gender Equality Education
Committee on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention